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Shoulders Back

You’ve heard it before – confidence is not a clothing size.  I’m gonna say it again.  Confidence is not about your curves or lack of them.  It’s not even about your rolls of fat or lack of them.  Confidence is a little seed somewhere inside of you.  And it can grow.  I promise.  It can grow!

One very simple step that can encourage it to take root and blossom is to stand with your shoulders back.  I’m sure there’s research that tells us about how good posture is tied to self-confidence.  I’m sure standing tall literally is connected with standing tall figuratively.  What I’ve experienced, though, is that having your shoulders back opens your heart.


It can feel very vulnerable to hold your heart open.  Risk can lead to reward, though.  I find that when I consciously pull my shoulder blades together (not in the middle school ‘here are my boobs way’), I feel more.  I simply feel more.  More empowered.  More loving, even to myself.  More smiley.  More emotional.  More.  And yes, more confident.

So, maybe you give this a try, maybe you don’t.  If you do, let me know how it goes.  Do you feel the energy come into your heart and nourish your seed of self-worth?  Once you feel that, you’ll want more of it!  Soon you’ll find yourself pausing as you come out of Target to stand with your shoulders back, arms open, face to the sun just to feel the cool breeze speak to you!

As promised, I just talked to you about confidence and didn’t once mention what jean size you need.  YOU can be confident.  Start by opening your heart.  C’mon now…shoulders back.

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