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Have you been through something that’s gotten into your head in a negative way?  Maybe you’re still dealing with whatever “it” is.  It doesn’t matter whether the challenge or change you’re struggling with is big or small, something great or your worst nightmare: stress is stress and it impacts us all.

Having a baby can be an incredibly wonderful experience.  It also puts our bodies through a lot.  Our emotional and mental health can suffer.  It’s a lot of change and not just with the first kiddo.  Every new babe brings something new to figure out.

Suffering physical, sexual, or emotional assault can happen in many ways and sometimes we give ourselves a break – but other times we think we should ‘get over it’ or compare our pain to someone else’s.  Positive things can come into our lives after such experiences, but often we have to intentionally heal to get there, to realize the life we can lead and do deserve.

There’s no way I could list all the life changes that you or I could experience here, but I’m sure you’ve already thought of a few of your own.  What I can tell you, though, is that if you’re interested in finding a new mindset – one of realized self worth, self love, and simply being enough as you are – I can help.

Who am I?  I’m Annie.  I’m a woman who loves growing, learning, and loving.  I have degrees, life experience, and a giving spirit that will help me help you process whatever you’re struggling with.  What do I mean by ‘process?’  Well, we’ll work together to acknowledge the stressor, accept the pain, recognize your reactions, and claim your worth.  We’ll get there!  It might not be easy, but if you put in the effort with me, you’ll claim your story and all that it’s allowed you to be and learn.  If that sounds good to you…let’s go!

If you’re not sure if I’m the right fit, shoot me an email and we’ll find out together or check out the blog page here.  Through my writing you can learn a lot about me – who I am, where my strength is, and what I have to offer you.

Enjoy you time here, I look forward to sharing more with you.